Motion, Styleframes
Objective: Create a narrative to promote a feature that Spotify has.

In this group project, we explored the concept of how Spotify changes the listener’s world to accommodate to their lifestyle and create personalization. I was inspired by fantasy/dreamy world that ambient music creates. My role was to create slapframes, illustrate, and color them in. 
Final Styleframes

The narrative starts by dropping the audience in the setting of an underwater city in the point of view of a girl who is flying through, while listening to music. She swims around the underwater city, the jellyfish guiding her. It is later revealed, in the reflection of a puddle, that it’s only her imagination.

Pitch Deck

Pitch deck showing initial ideas, process, and inspirations.

Credits: Ash Moon, Dawon Kang
Featured at ArtCenter Student Gallery (Jan. 2019)

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