Riot Games

Motion, Branding
Objective: Rebrand a small to medium sized company.

Riot is a gaming company that is known for the game League of Legends (League). This is Riot’s only video game. Because League is closely tied with the identity of Riot, the goal for this project was to create an identity that would allow Riot to extend its voice not only through League.

Riot Brand Montage




Riot has created its success by letting their audience have input, so it was appropriate to make the voice of the brand reflect the League community, bold and playful, yet sophisticated.


The slogan “Be the carry” was also inspired by the community. The term carry, originated from League, means to put the team on their back and “carry” them to victory. In gaming culture it is very honorable because it shows how much one knows about the game. “Be the carry” applies to both players and Riot employees to take charge and become the leader in their group, whether it’s developing the game or in the actual game.


Countdown Posters for the new rebrand.  


Posters in context

Stage for E3 conference.

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