Blind Barber

Motion, Promo

Objective:  choose a unique place in the Los Angeles area and create a promotional piece

Blind Barber is a barbershop in the day and a bar at night. Inspired by metaphor that we felt by the interior, “Los Angeles is a jungle”, we decided to make our own visual metaphors. Though a joint effort, my role was to shoot, direct, edit the music, and find cost effective ways to make this project.

The goal for this project was to describe Los Angeles, without actually literally seeing that it is Los Angeles. This promotional video showcases different metaphors through visuals that emphasize the energy of LA's day and night scene. In the daytime, Los Angeles streets are busy, so the use of paint and oil was used to show the fast paced life that locals are living. At night, Los Angeles looks beautiful due to its city lights, so the feeling of was captured through the duotone-like lights through different objects. The mood of this project was used to create soothing imagery that would reflect the experience at Blind Barber.
The audio came as an accident at first. When testing the slideshow, the audio files all played at once, which created ambient noises that reflected what was heard in the Blind Barber. We took this and added these sounds to the music that we were using.

Ash Moon, Sarah Kim, JJ Yoon

ash moon © 2019